Women Empowerment : Present and The Way Forward


Women Empowerment :    Present and The Way Forward

         – Edited by Dr. Deepali Bora

         ISBN: 978-81-7213-124-1

         Published in 2010

         Rs. 500.00

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Product Description

“Women Empowerment: Present and The Way Forward” aims at the total upliftment of women folk as well as the society. In the present era, women empowerment has become a global challenge. As women constitute half of the total population of the society, no society can make progress without the improvement of the status of women. Discussing the role of women in every sector and stating the need for women empowerment, the research papers in this book takes a revolutionary step towards giving every that right to a woman which she deserves.


Together with researching on the need for women empowerment, the research papers have reached on some findings that can be stated as certain major causes for which women is still lagging behind. One of such findings says that ‘The framing of the law for safeguarding the women folk will not do if the patriarchal attitudes are not changed.’