The Assamese Christians


The Assamese Christians

       – Dr. Manjula Hussain

         ISBN: 978-81-7213-126-5

         Published in 2011     

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Product Description

In the book “The Assamese Christians” the author Dr. Manjula Hussain describes the social life of the Assamese Christians and also discusses those historical forces and circumstances that have led to the spread of Christianity in Assam and other North-Eastern states. The ways by means of which the indigenous cultural elements got blended with the Christian norms, beliefs, values and customs are also stated.  

North-east India is the homeland of a large number of ethnic groups who came from different directions at different historical times. It is these tribes of Assam region who were also involved in the emergence and formation of Assamese Hindus, Assamese Muslims, Assamese Christians and others.


It is the process of cultural contact that paved the way for the local Christians to legitimize and reconcile with other local customs and practices of the indigenous tribes. The description on the social life of the Assamese Christians covering their family, kinship and marriages along with the inter-community relations between Assamese Christians and other people makes it further clear for the readers to trace the emergence and the existence of the Assamese Christians.