Tears of Solitude


Tears of Solitude

        – Author : Joyanti Chutia

        – Translated by Surajit Barooah

          ISBN : 978-81-7213-211-8

          Published in 2014

          Rs. 175.00

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Product Description

          The book states the life of Daity, who became the part of the family of Dhanbar Saikia in the course of time since his first entry into the family as a nine years old child named Jibon alias Khahuwa. With days and years passing and with the love and care he received from the family, Daity became the favourite of everybody without whose presence and without whose help; nothing seems to be possible in the house.

Every incident of Khahuwa’s life, from his childhood to youth to death is clearly stated by the author that gives a vivid idea about his nature and broad heart. The ups and downs coming in Khahuwa’s life made him learn many things, identify people and digest heart breaking times coming in his life.

Reading the journey of Daity’s life gives the readers a glimpse of his time, of the weeping of his heart and his loneliness. The translator of the book Surajit Barooah has tried to put every possible emotion and life in its right place in the novel which has earlier on been done commendably by the author Joyanti Chutia