Social Change And North East India


Social Change And North East India

        – Edited By Dr. Paresh Chandra Dutta

          ISBN : 978-81-7213-162-3

          Published in 2012

          Rs. 450.00

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Product Description

          “Social Change and North East India” is a book that has wholly been devoted to the North-East India putting light on the social, economic and cultural sides of the region. There is lot to discover and study about this region for a social researcher.  The social, historical, anthropological and cultural resources in this part of the country are rich and always appealing. This land is the land of meeting too for various people migrating from different parts of the world. So, this itself is a matter to marvel at and is deeply fascinating. Keeping that as the core essence, this book is presenting a kaleidoscopic view of the North East India in the form of ten research papers. 


This book further, endeavours to tell about the folklores that are prevailing in almost every society of North East. It takes the readers closer to the ethnic groups offering a platter full of variety. There is information on the religious beliefs of these ethnic groups, on their economic outlook, their social set-up, their cultural values and lots many things most of which are still not known in detail by people. The social changes including that of the government policies, economic plans and its implementations, the effects and status of rural background on the setting up of a new thing like a tea garden in it etc are being put down with reliable information and data that helps in comprehending the advantages and disadvantages of such changes. Future researchers are to be widely assisted through the information given in the book.