Saivism in the Brahmaputra Valley


Saivism in the Brahmaputra Valley

        – Dr. Gitima Kalita

          ISBN : 978-81-7213-218-7

          Published in 2014

          Rs. 500.00

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Product Description

          Saivism stands for social integration and collective development in the North-east.  From pre-historic to contemporary period, Saivism as a religious system seems to be the most practiced faith in this valley. The entire social fabric of the Brahmaputra Valley is interlinked with the practice of Saivism in some way or other and attracted the attention of the royal authorities and the commoners. Hence, a study of the practice and the influence of Saivism with socio-cultural aspects are very much relevant in present day situation.


Reading through the book is getting a glimpse of Saivism in Assam ad its long practiced history. It speaks how Saivism came into existence and how people started believing in Lord Siva. Prior to the settlement of the Ahom rulers, the valley was divided and ruled by various tribes, but all divisions came under one roof during the reign of the Ahom and they adopted Saivism as their royal religion. Today as well, the inhabitants of this valley worship Siva and follow the principle of Saivism assigning different names to Siva.