Roads and Communication Systems in Assam under the Ahoms


Roads and Communication Systems in                                  Assam under the Ahoms

        – Dr. Lachit Baruah

          ISBN : 978-81-7213-219-4

          Published in 2014

          Rs. 300.00

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Product Description

It is from 13th to the first quarter of the 19th century when Assam was under the rule of the Ahoms. During this period, the ruling class by dint of their inherited proficiencies and follow up policies of administration systematically utilized the available man power resources and developed a network of roads and communication systems in Assam. It is the Ahoms that can be made fully responsible for the advancements they bought to then Assam the impact of which is still felt and enjoyed by the inhabitants of the place. They transformed Assam ultimately to a truly moving state by the close of the 18th century.

The network of communication and transport developed by the Ahom rulers involved buildings of roads, bridges, construction and use of boats and palanquins, catching and training of elephants and horses as means of transport, development of communication with the neighbouring states, dispatch of letters, envoys and restoration of communication between the town and villages and above all, use of resources and implementation of proper administration.


It is through a reading of this book, lots about the Ahom Empire in Assam, the political decisions and actions and other known and unknown facts can be explored and illuminated.