North East India Deforestation and Its Impact


North East India Deforestation and Its Impact

          – Edited By B.N. Goswami

          ISBN : 978-81-7213-165-4

          Published in 2012

          Rs.  500.00

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Product Description

          “We have only borrowed this world from our children. One day we will have to return it to them intact.” Exploring the root causes of deforestation and its impending impact on the society  “North East India Deforestation and Its Impact” is dedicated towards the nature and the forests in North East India. With the continued practice of deforestation since the 18th century to till date in such a massive way, it is now a matter to be worried over its reverse effects on the humanity and the world. The loss of biodiversity and the ecological balance along with the drastic changes taking place in the climate and in the environment are just a few of the harsh impacts of deforestation. Deforestation in the future may lead to scarcity of drinking water and many other problems due to which living on this earth will get difficult for mankind one day.

      Although the issue of deforestation is gaining the attention of some of the conscious people lately and they have started making others aware of its harsh outcome through several campaigns, rallies and conferences but majority of the people living in this world are least bothered about it. The rate of destruction taking place in the North-East India in the last two hundred years itself is threatening. This is continuing ceaselessly and people should wake up before they get extinct from this world. So, the suggestions made by the researchers who are experienced in this most eco-sensitive zone can prove as a breakthrough for saving the environment from getting deteriorated.