Indigenous Dyes and Home Dyeing


Indigenous Dyes and Home Dyeing        

       – Dr. Rajashree Phukan

         ISBN : 978-81-7213-133-3

         Published in 2011

         Rs. 175.00



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Product Description

Indigenous Dyes and Home Dyeing is an attempt to popularise the standardized indigenous dyes, dye yielding plants, dyeing procedures along with economic cost of home dyeing. The sub-Himalayan region of North-eastern India, particularly Assam and Arunachal Pradesh are the treasure house of wide varieties of plant species. Since time immemorial, people of North Eastern Region are famous for their art of extracting colouring matters from plants, roots, leaves, fruits etc. But due to the lack of standardized technique and systematic documentation many important information about dyeing has misplaced with the passage of time.  


Generation of new information of dye quality of less but potential indigenous sources may directly help the evolution of indigenous dye industries in the unexplored NE region. So, authentic information about the dyeing properties is being tried to be disseminated by the author.