India as an Emerging Super Power :Possibilities and Obstacles


India as an Emerging Super Power :

      Possibilities and Obstacles

        – Edited By Dr. Tanusree Sarker

          ISBN : 978-81-7213-184-5

          Published in 2013

          Rs. 500.00

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Product Description

          Is India a candidate for becoming a super power in the next decades to come? The answer varies and through the research papers put together in the book, the attempt is to find a justified and satisfactory answer to this question, basically. The book is a representation of certain studies which were made pursuing the status of India in the international scenario. The papers highlight different aspects which can establish India to be a super power in the near future. If the obstacles indicated in the studies are tried to be overcome then there are much brighter chances for India to do better in International Politics.       

There are notable instances of development in India comprising instances like increase in GDP at the annual continuous rate of 8 to 9%, shaking hands with the most industrialized G-8 powers, rise of shopping malls, glittering flyovers, state-of-the-art hotels, hospitals with advanced technologies in treatment, flow of Foreign Direct Investment and so on. But simply these do not denote the development of India in real sense. The real rise of India will lie in blending material success with pristine cultural and spiritual ethos.   

The book provides a deep insight into the possibilities of building India as a super power and also points out the obstacles on its way of progress