Immigration and Demographic Transformation


Immigration and Demographic Transformation                  

          – Edited By Dr. A. C. Borah

          ISBN : 978-81-7213-153-1

          Published in 2012

          Rs. 425.00

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Product Description

 “Who is crossing the border, when he or she is crossing and for what purpose”

Constituting 18 selected research papers contributed by different scholars and teachers, “Immigration and Demographic Transformation in North-East India” has been formed as an outcome of a national seminar by the same name. The North-Eastern states of India have so long been experiencing and suffering from the immigration of people from Bangladesh. The book clearly highlights the ‘push’ and ‘pull’ factors that have forced and motivated the migrants from Bangladesh to choose Assam and other neighbouring North-Eastern states. This continued immigration is today posing as a social and political issue for the region and that has been tried to be extensively discussed for attracting everybody’s attention through this book.   

          The influx of people that has taken place from time to time due to several reasons is extensively discussed in it, some of which has historical and unknown connections with the past and some are very much political. Along with these, research papers like ‘Spatiality of Illegal Influx of Population and Assam’s Changing Cultural Space’ has discussed certain conceptual preventive measures too to deal with this immigration issue.     


      The research papers are very well-knitted and are based on reliable information that can help anybody including the students, the future researchers, policy makers and the administrators.