Higher Education in Rural India


Higher Education in Rural India   

         – Edited by Ranjan Kumar Phookan

         ISBN: 978-81-7213-103-6

         Published in 2010

         Rs. 300.00


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Product Description

Intended as a part of the effort in creating awareness among the readers about the prevailing conditions of higher education in the rural colleges of India, “Higher Education in Rural India” tells more about the role of education in building human resources which in turn enhance the capacity and competitiveness of the country. The World Bank and the UNESCO say that higher education promotes meritocratic civil society and values in order to build a pluralistic accountable democracy. It helps in human resource formation of the country and the major role that higher education plays in the development of a country is widely stated in the book. 


          The vision of India becoming a global knowledge power requires a world class education system working at a scale that would convert India’s huge youth population into a highly educated asset. India’s higher education, particularly in the rural areas is lagging far behind. Most of the colleges suffer from different bottlenecks like insufficient teachers, poor infrastructure, inadequate library and laboratory etc. All these and lot more about the problems in higher education in rural India are stated through the research papers of the book.