Globalisation In The North East India


Globalisation In The North East India

          – Edited by Dr. Mamoni Gogoi Borgohain

          ISBN: 978-81-7213-154-8

          Published in 2012

          Rs. 795.00

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Product Description

          Globalisation is a reality and it does not merely mean aping the Western values and civilization. This is currently a major issue of concern in context of the North East India. India’s North East with its geographical structure and aloofness, political importance, economic backwardness, ethnic varieties, natural resources and insurgency has attracted attention of the world. So, it is not only interesting but important as well to notice the problems and prospects of globalisation on political, economic and cultural aspects of the NE. The book “Globalisation In The North East India” constitutes a total of 60 papers that were presented in a UGC sponsored national seminar on ‘Emerging Issues of Globalisation in the North East India’.     

          Globalisation has brought cyber connectivity in India’s North East. But the surface connectivity in India’s North-East is abysmally poor. The means of connectivity of the region have often remains disrupted for weeks and even for month by various organizations and activists in the name of protests. The technological developments and information have offered to the literate section of the society the better access to information and consequently, helped the social activists and opinion builders to take up the issues of human security, human rights, corruption, food security, developmental issues and lots more.


      All these and lots more about the role, advantages and disadvantages of globalization and its value at the present time has been enumerated in detail through the research papers in the book.