Female Dance Tradition of Assam


Female Dance Tradition of Assam   

        – Dr. Nilakshi Phukan Borgohain

          ISBN: 978-81-7213-130-2

          Published in 2011

          Rs. 650.00

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Product Description

Exploring the female dance tradition of Assam, the author of the book “Female Dance Tradition of Assam” has gone to the roots of almost all sorts of female and other dance forms available in Assam that varies from one indigenous tribe to another. All sorts of available historical evidences and the classical traces found in the ancient manuscripts and in the epics of Hindu religion Ramayan and Mahabharat have led to an extensive detail on all sorts of dances that are being practiced since times immemorial. Presented under the guidance of eminent dance scholars and exponents, this book is a worthy report on dances and many other things that are related to dancing. 


A glimpse on the tribal and traditional dances of Assam and India, the classical dances, the history and origin of dancing and the mythological stories related to different forms of dances are interesting.  Knowing these can enlarge the sphere of wisdom of anybody other than simply of the dancers and the researchers on dancing.