Ethics and Values in Life and Literature: A book on doctrines for a better world


Ethics and Values in Life and Literature

      A book on doctrines for a better world

        – Edited By Dr. P. Padmini

          ISBN : 978-81-7213-185-2

          Published in 2013

          Rs. 300.00

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Product Description

          “Ethics and Values in Life and Literature” through the compilation of articles focuses more on instilling the idea of secularism, spiritual values, sensitivity to gender and showcasing the progressive and positive frame of mind of the young generation. The effort behind the work is to transform the thinking of the society and instilling the desire to combat all prejudices and acts of discrimination.  

As the school is the very base for opening the eye for knowledge of a human being and is the custodian of the character, culture and civilization of a nation; it must emphasize on imparting value education to children. Furthermore, the book discusses the ideal learning environment in schools, the role a teacher can play in the emotional, physical and intellectual growth of its pupils, the ideal design of the curriculum, the need for reconfiguration of our values and lots more other important things that plays a crucial role in building responsible individuals.     


Throwing the much needed light on the importance of ethics and values in the society and that of a nation as a whole, this publication aims to give the readers an understanding of and a lively feeling for values.