Entrepreneurship Development in the North-East India


  Entrepreneurship Development in the North-East India 

          – Edited By Ranjan Kumar Phookan & Ramen Baruah

          ISBN : 978-81-7213-143-2

          Published in 2012

          Rs. 500.00

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Product Description

  Through a collection of research papers that have been put together in the book “Entrepreneurship Development in the North-East India”, the effort is to let people know and realize the importance of the natural resources and to utilize these towards achieving entrepreneurship.  There is lot for its people to utilize and to bring an economic revolution in the region. But as they are unaware of it and also, as there are certain hindrances on that path, the desired result has not been attained. So, mainly this book is a platform where the social, political and environmental impacts on the growth and development of entrepreneurship have been discussed along with  the entrepreneurial opportunities available in various sectors of the region.

                Rural Women Entrepreneurship is another important topic that has been discussed to empower women for the formation of their own self help groups. This book through its well-researched data and the discussions provided