Entrepreneurship Development and MSMEs in North East India


Entrepreneurship Development and

      MSMEs in North East India

        – Dr. Sunil Kr. Saikia

          ISBN : 978-81-7213-216-3

          Published in 2014

          Rs. 700.00  

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Product Description

This book deals with various aspects of developing entrepreneurship and MSMEs in the country in general and North-East India in particular. The book also aims at aiding entrepreneurs, academicians, professionals and officials working for the development of the MSMEs.

North-East India, despite its vast natural resources and exotic flora and fauna, remains backward industrially as well as economically. The industrial backwardness is reflected in its total number of enterprises. On the other hand, the region has vast potentials for setting up enterprises based on its natural resources like oil, gas, coal, jute, rubber, tea, agriculture, horticulture, medicinal plants, cane and bamboo, muga etc. Besides, the region is also very rich in its traditional arts and crafts, mainly in the handloom and handicraft sectors.


The major strength of this book is its practical orientation supplemented by lists of large number of organizations and institutions with addresses, phone numbers, fax and emails etc.