Story of an Unknown Cottonian

        – Author : Nabin Baruah     

          – Translated by Indrani Laskar

          ISBN : 978-81-7213-210-7

          Published in 2014

          Rs. 175.00

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Product Description

          ‘Cotton College’ is the first novel by the eminent Assamese novelist Nabin Baruah when he himself was a student of the age-old renowned college. This novel speaks a lot about his personal experiences in the college but it cannot be termed as his life story. Hence, a little glimpse of his life in Cotton College can be seen in the book which is being interestingly and very readably put together.

With thousands and thousands Cottonians passing out from the college, the educational institute has today turned into a temple of knowledge and the pride of the country. There are many noted personalities that can be named who have been able to prove themselves in the race of life and still many are there who are left unknown and are still all are proud to be a part of the history of this college. Through this novel, the author is trying to state the life of such a person who is termed as an unknown Cottonian. Although this Cottonian is unknown still his life has many those moments to share that can touch any of its readers and the ex-Cottonians at some point of time.


Previously being written in Assamese, the novel is now translated into English owing to the huge demands of a big number of readers. Ms. Indrani Laskar has taken up the challenge of translating this novel from Assamese to English which is going to quench the thirst of many fans of the author, certainly.