Buddhism in Assam : Past and Present


Buddhism in Assam : Past and Present

        – Raktim Patar

          ISBN : 978-81-7213-223-1

          Published in 2014

          Rs. 350.00  

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Product Description

As an outcome of two national seminars organized by the Buddhist Studies centre, Gargaon College, this book has been compiled covering a number of important research papers of the seminars. Each of the research papers contributes to expand the knowledge on the presence of Buddhism and its history in Assam.


In the history of Indian religion, Buddhism occupies a unique place. This religion has kept its portals open not only to the different strata of the Indian societies but also to the foreigners like the Indo-Greeks and Indo-Scynthians who settled in India. Buddhism can be traced back to 5th century A.D. Readers can find more on Buddhism and its history and growth in Assam through a reading of this book.