Background of Modern Assamese Literature


Background of Modern Assamese Literature

                           – Dr. Nagen Saikia

                                    ISBN : 978-81-7213-131-9

                                    Published in 1988

                                    Second revised edition 2011

                                    Rs. 650.00

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Product Description

Readers, scholars, students and researchers, anybody who is interested in the 19th century Assam and wants a view of the educational, political, economic, cultural, intellectual and literary life of that era, “Background of Modern Assamese Literature” will be a great help to them. Maheswar Neog’s division of the modern period in Assamese literature into five sub-divisions, the period of conflict with language due to the coming of the American Baptist Missionaries, the rise of a spirit of patriotism deeply rooted in language and many more about the 19th century Assamese literature is stated extensively here.


The social and intellectual background of modern Assamese literature with a socio- historical outlook dealing with the period of coming of the Britishers in 1903 to the closure of the “Jonaki” age has been studied broadly. As this is a vast period to study and discuss about the literary giants of that age along with their master-pieces and other notable incidents happening, the writer has made a division of the book on the basis of political, economic, cultural and educational developments.