Aspects of Sattriya Dance


Aspects of Sattriya Dance

        – Dr. Tanuja Bora

          ISBN : 978-81-7213-182-1

          Published in 2013

          Rs. 250.00

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Product Description

            Dr. Tanuja Bora, the writer of the book takes on discussing and highlighting the indigenous elements integrated into the Sattriya dance, a dance form of the fifteenth century which was created and upheld by the Assamese Vaisnava saint Sankaradeva. The book focuses on some of the important aspects of this rich and honoured form of dance that include Mati Akharas (ground exercises), foot works, abhinaya and the challenges faced in Sattriya dance.

            With the passage of time, there have been threats too rising towards the preservation of the purity and the accuracy of the dance form. This is because instead of examining the dance form on the basis of the rules set by the authoritative treatises on dance and dramaturgy, many composers have depended on other established forms of classical dance.         


      While talking about the foot works, the different foot positions and postures are explained. Hence, the book is expected to help the students of Sattriya in their study and practice of the dance form.