Administration of East India Company in India


Administration of East India Company in India

       – Dr. Farid Uddin Ahmed

         ISBN : 978-81-7213-134-0

         Published in 2011

         Rs. 400.00

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Product Description

“Administration of East India Company in India” presents a picture of how India was actually governed in the formative period of British rule. The administrative problems along with the institution of administration, revenue and civil services are the core elements of discussion in it. The objective of this work is to study the Indian administration of English East India Company which began as a trading corporation in 1600 but in 1858 ended as an administration in India. Introducing the coming of the East India Company in India and its possession of Indian Territory; the book further moves to discuss about the obtaining of the right of Diwani by the company and about the relation of the supreme government with the subordinate presidencies and the home authorities. 


      The rule and the administration policies of the East India Company have been discussed chapter wise. It enables readers to easily have a particular eye on the central administration, central secretariat, provincial administration, revenue administration and the civil services.