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About mytradition

I, me, my, myself…. these are some of the words which are used to show your identity. If you can recognize your inner self , you become mentally strong and this mental strength creates self respect. Without self respect your identity is meaningless.

The environment where you have grown and lived is a part of your beautiful life and the touch of this environment creates the tradition within you. Without your tradition, your identity is not complete and without respecting the tradition within you, you can not respect yourself.

However, it is a fact that, in the run of life, you may have to move from one place to another and thus change environments. This may fade the touch of the environment which created the tradition within you and that is why, ‘mytradition’ has born. Wherever you are, mytradition will be there to help you to be in touch of your own tradition and be truly you.

Mytradition collects traditional fashionable items from the cottage industries and the artisans related to handloom and handicraft products. It is a platform for both buyers and sellers to come closer. A local artisan from a remote village may not be able to sell his masterpiece in a metro city. Mytradition help him/her to do it. Buyers can buy their favorite traditional fashionable item right from their home.

Mytradition has used secured payment gateway for monetary transactions. You can be in peace for your payments. It offers return, refund and cancellation facilities against your order. However it does not offer any facility for exchange of sold items. For more details please refer to the policy section.

Mytradition will try its best to deliver you the best products as well as the best services possible. Hope you will enjoy this traditional journey. 🙂